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Choice Window Tinting offers a free mobile window tinting service.

Choice Window Tinting is the best choice for Orlando Car window tinting.
We are committed to providing you with the best car tint job possible on one of your most prized possessions, your car!  We use only the highest quality Car Window Films, designed to last a lifetime in the hot Florida sun.


Llumar Window Films is the world’s largest manufacturer of window films. 


Audi A4 Window Tint Orlando - Choice Window Tinting

Choice Window Tinting offers only Llumar’s premium line of Car window film;

Llumar ATR series Car window tint. This is a high performance titanium/lithium window film, that is backed by a lifetime warranty. This film will reject large amounts of heat and glare. As well as Ultra-Violet and infrared rays. This a charcoal grey film that is the same color as a factory tint.

Llumar CTX series Car window tint. This is a nono-ceramic, signal enabling film designed specifically for cars with all of the newest electronic devices. CTX will reject the most heat, glare, and infrared rays of any film made. As well as 99% of the damaging Ultra-Violet rays that can damage the interior of your auto. This ceramic window film is backed by a lifetime warranty. This is a charcoal grey film that is the same color as a factory tint.

Llumar Air-Blue series Car window tint. This a virtually clear ceramic film that rejects great amounts of heat, glare, and infrared rays. As well as 99% of the Ultra-Violet rays. Because it is a ceramic film it is also signal enabling.( meaning it does not affect electronic devices) Air-Blue is backed by a lifetime warranty. This is a perfect film for those who like reducing heat, glare, infrared, and U.V. rays, but don’t want to change the look of their auto. This is also a great film for windshields.


It’s summer time in Orlando and it’s very important to always make sure that your Window are tinted. Did you know that here in Orlando it gets hotter than anywhere in the state? We are centrally located right in the middle the state. Window tinting in Orlando is a definitely a must a have. Car window tinting is very important to have as well. Your car without Window tint can get up to 120 degrees. That’s very hot for having your window not tinted. Choice window tinting in Orlando is #1 for your car window tinting needs. We specialize & service in all areas of central Florida. Call Choice Window Tinting for a free quote today!

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