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Are ceramic window films worth it?

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Well, this is really a great question. The way the original window films were made. They were a plastic blend that contained pigments/dyes. This film made the cars look great! They did, however fade over time and turn purple and bubbly fairly quickly. Now in 2019, we have much better quality dyes films, that are 3rd or 4th generation dyed films. These are great films for looks and to reject 99% of the harmful U.V rays, and minimal heat and glare rejection. The nano ceramic window films are much improved over all other films. With ceramic window films, they may look the same as dyed, metalized, carbon, or hybrids, but they don't performs the same. With ceramic you get tons more heat and glare rejection, not only that you get massive amounts of Infrared rejection. This Infrared rays are the rays of the sun responsible for the majority of the heat you feel on your skin and interior of your home, auto or commercial property. The cost is usually much higher, but so is the performance. To answer the question of, "are ceramic films worth it"? For some, no and others yes! Totally depends on your perspective on what you believe to the best value for your money!

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Ferenc Davies
Ferenc Davies

If you want to protect your car window as well as the windshield it is essential to use a thin layer of coating on it. This can be done by using tints on the window. You can enhance the windshield life and prevent early windshield replacement by doing window tinting.

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